The root word for it is شعر and understood today to mean poetry which is false. This was attributed to poetry for its ability to affect you on an emotional level, as the word for “feel” is “يشعر”. But the holy txts aren’t speaking of poetry nor was the Qur’an used or accepted for its beautiful renditions! As a matter of fact there was no such thing as “the great poets” who were floored when they heard it, like they filled your heads with since you were children until you all believed that was true. The reality is the first person who began corrupting the Quran was the first poet and practically set the rules for poetry rhyme and rhythm to corrupt the meaning and understanding of God’s words.

ليت = الدسم = most desirable-

ليت اللحم-best part of the meat/most concentrated of what is desired.

ليت شعري

شعر = desire/feeling/emotion = بيت شعر او شهر

hairline, fracture-hair in food. hairline fracture in house!

NOTE: Not to be confused with “حس” or modern “احساس” which means (sensation) from Sensing. As what a person physically Perceives with any of his 5+ senses. While شعر is an emotional perception (felt) as I discussed above.